Shifting Gears Donations

Volunteeers of America accepts online gifts via Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover.

If you are interested in making a cash donation to support the Shifting Gears project, you may select any of the various donation options found at the bottom of this page.   To ensure that your gift is designated for this project, please write "Shifting Gears" in the comment box on the online donation page or in the designated need line of the paper form. 

Learn more about the Shifting Gears project and how to donate bicycles.

While most of the costs of the Shifting Gears program are provided through in-kind donation of services, there are hard costs associated with the program when it comes to parts needed to refurbish the bikes. Bikes donated are not always in top condition. In fact, many bikes are stripped down for parts to help rebuild and refurbish other bikes. Even after this stripping process, there are certain parts that are critical and just not available: cables, cable housing, tubes, tires and safety reflectors are among the most common needs. Many of these items are related not only to functionality but to safety as well.

Suggested Donations:

  • Donation $1 - replace a tube
  • Donate $5 -  replace a tire
  • Donate $10 - replace chain, cables and cable housing
  • Donate $25 - replace wheels
  • Donate $50 - refurbish a kid bike
  • Donate $100 - refurbish an adult bike

If you have any questions about your gift or any of the programs and services offered through Volunteers of America of Indiana, please contact Diana Anderson at 317-686-5807 or via email at

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