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  • Words Travel Instructor
    We are searching for two to four volunteers that can teach this program to moms and dads in our transitional housing programs for people who are leaving the criminal justice system.
  • Math, Reading, and/or Life Skills Instructor
    Educational sessions and one on one tutoring will be provided on a regularly scheduled basis to provide assistance to clients who are seeking a GED, or are looking to increase their skills.
  • Resident Activities Coordinator
    Short intro.
  • Math, Reading, and/or Life Skills Instructor
    Specific Activities included in the position: 1. Plan, prepare, and lead educational sessions for current and incoming residents. 2. Prepare monthly reports of class attendance, as well as student progress. 3. Maintain effective communication with key staff (case managers) in regards to client participation, attendance, and progress. 3. Work with the Coordinator of Volunteer Services to ensure all necessary supplies and materials are purchased or donated. 4. Encourage enthusiasm and participation from clients. 5. Maintain a structured environment conducive to learning and effective participation. 6. Maintain all supplies and equipment, and control client usage of prohibited items (i.e. scissors, any sharp objects)