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Volunteers of America of Indiana Mission 

Volunteers of America of Indiana is a faith-based organization that provides life-changing services to enhance the physical, emotional, spiritual, and intellectual needs of individuals by providing counseling, rehabilitation, job placement, and residential services. We serve individuals transitioning from the correctional system, veterans, the elderly, and those dealing with chronic addiction and mental illness.

Learn how Volunteers of America serves America's most vulnerable across the country.

Bonded by a commitment to faith, human dignity and social justice. Dedicated to actively engaging volunteers in the community. Committed to the highest quality of service. 

Volunteers of America National Mission & Vision

Volunteers of America is a movement organized to reach and uplift all people and bring them to the knowledge and active service of God. Volunteers of America, illustrating the presence of God through all that we do, serves people and communities in need and creates opportunities for people to experience the joy of serving others. Success is measured  in positive change in the lives of individuals and communities we serve. 


A world where all people live in safety with social, emotional and physical well being, spiritual fulfillment, justice and hope. 

Impact Statement

Volunteers of America helps the most vulnerable and under-served people achieve their full potential.

We provide services that are designed locally to address specific community needs. Our common areas of focus include promoting self-sufficiency for the homeless and for others overcoming personal crises, caring for the elderly and disabled and fostering their independence, and supporting positive development for troubled and at risk children and youth. We look at the whole person and address both urgent and ongoing needs, with the goal of helping people become as self-reliant as possible.