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Checkpoints and Challenges

Checkpoints and Challenges© is an educational game about reentry after incarceration developed by John P. Craine House, Volunteers of America of Indiana, and WFYI with funding provided by the Annie E. Casey Foundation. 

Checkpoints and Challenges© was developed to create a set of role-playing experiences that are similar to those that women and men face when returning to the community after incarceration. The game also provides insight into the roles of the professionals whose jobs monitor, enforce, encourage, regulate, support, and interact with those who are reentering. The goal of the game is for a former inmate to successfully re-enter the community while experiencing as few challenges as possible. Circumstances and decisions the parolee controls, circumstances and decisions the agency or bureaucratic systems control, and luck will all influence the outcome of the game. 

Checkpoints and Challenges© is a teaching tool, designed for use in reentry programs, corrections systems, congregations wishing to engage in prison ministries, professional training and conferences, and in secondary and higher education classrooms with a focus on social work criminal justice, psychology, public policy, or sociology. As with any experiential learning tool, the success of the learning depends upon the processing of the experience so that the learner makes observations, draws generalization, seeks ways to apply the learning and reflects on how it might change one’s attitudes or behaviors. 

Checkpoints and Challenges© is now available for sale to the general public. Price points are designated below and do not include shipping. 

1-9 games 
$32.00 per game + shipping 

10-20 games 
$29.00 per game + shipping 

21-35 games 
$27.00 per game + shipping 

36-50 games 
$25.00 per game + shipping 

51+ games 
Call for special pricing – 317-686-9871