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Funds Received from The Home Depot Foundation

Indianapolis, IN (07/02/2015) The Home Depot Foundation® recently announced that Volunteers of America of Indiana will receive a grant of $80,000 to update and enhance Brandon Hall, a residential reentry facility for U.S. military veterans in Indianapolis.

This grant will enable the renovation and upgrade of the second floor at Brandon hall to increase the veteran's personal space, provide a more comfortable and therapeutic environment, and allow for greater capacity and program expansion. Veterans housing was originally on the fourth floor but the cafeteria for the whole building was there as well; now, with a move to a refurbished floor specifically for them, the veterans will enjoy their time at Brandon Hall much more than they used to. 

Volunteers of America of Indiana highly values partnership with The Home Depot Foundation® and all of the support they give. In total, more than $1.6 million in new grants has been pledged to affiliates of Volunteers of America to address the critical housing needs of former service members.