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Spirited Chase Indy

On a cold Saturday morning at 9 am, a wide variety of Indianapolis residents toured three different nonprofit organizations that provides dreams to members of the community. Volunteers of America of Indiana (VOAIN) was one of the three places that those individuals toured as a part of Spirited Chase.

When participants first arrived at VOAIN, they were instructed to write one word describing their biggest dream. After that they toured the building to learn about the services VOAIN provides in the fields of transitional housing for homeless Veterans, family reunification, and workforce development. When they re-convened, all the words had been put together to create a word cloud. A week prior, clients of VOAIN also wrote one word that described their biggest dream. Both word clouds were projected onto a screen to view differences of circumstances.

The comparison provided a great visual to how different some people's life circumstances are from each other. These are the word clouds.

Clients' words

Words from session 1

Words from session 2

Words from session 3