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Fatima found a job despite her felony

Making a Difference with Job Skills and Training

How has participating in STRIVE Indy made a difference in your life?

STRIVE Indy has allowed me to broaden my insight to different careers that are not traditional, like welding.

I never thought I would be training at Indiana Safety Professionals for welding and the instructors are great!

STRIVE Indy teaches us to be disciplined by having us complete items before we move to the next level, like transitional employment, which makes STRIVE Indy stand out from the other places. It’s not just handed to us we work for it.

They have also helped me in my personal life in regards to my children, by putting more focus on the positive aspects of my life which in turn allows my children to learn the same.

My children are excelling in school since they have seen me participate in STRIVE Indy.

STRIVE Indy helped to connect me to a great resources, Keys-to-Work, which allowed me to learn and enhance my skills. STRIVE Indy has given me the opportunity to work hands on with some partnered companies in different fields such as engineering, clerical, manufacturing and industrial. All in which are areas that are always in demand for job opportunities.

The hands on experience is a great resource in teaching and learning and has allowed many doors to be opened due to the for sure hands on experience I am able to obtain with STRIVE Indy.

The hard work truly pays off in the long run and STRIVE shows us it is really there for each individual to obtain, you just have to want it.