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Harriett gained financial security through subsidized housing

When Harriett moved to subsidized senior housing she gained greater financial security.

According to the National Council on Aging, 23 million Americans ages 60 and over live at or below 250% of the federal poverty level. And the Institute on Assets and Social Policy’s Senior Financial Stability Index reports that millions of older adults struggle to meet monthly expenses; but because they live above the federal poverty level, which is $11,770 for a single elder, they are not considered “poor”.

Gardens on Carolina provides affordable housing for seniors to address this problem of poverty, so people like Harriett Johnson can have peace of mind in regards to financial and personal security in their old age.

Harriet is a strong woman of 67 years and has been living in Gary, Indiana for sixty years. When she retired four years ago, she starting doing her own repairs and maintenance on her three bedroom house, but it became a problem because of her health and her finances. She already had arthritis and so the strain of doing repairs was showing repercussions; and she was living solely on social security so Harriet lost a lot of income trying to keep the house up. She also didn’t feel safe living as a single woman by herself.

In December 2012, she was driving on Carolina St. in Gary and noticed a brand new building being constructed with a correlating billboard explaining that it would one day be an independent living senior complex at affordable rates. This got her thinking about moving into a community type setting with other people her age, where she wouldn’t be in charge of house repairs and she would feel safe –it might save her money and she also wouldn’t be lonely. So she called the number on the billboard, talked to the facility manager at the time, and got an application.

During this time she also got other applications for similar facilities around Gary. But in the end she decided to choose Gardens on Carolina because she liked the brand new building, the location, the apartment layout, and the grounds.

Harriet said that moving to Gardens on Carolina has definitely improved her quality of life. Especially because since she moved in a few years ago she has had six surgeries. Living in a place where she didn’t have to worry about her safety, finances, or the repairs for her house during her time of recuperation made things much easier than they would have been otherwise.

She loves Gardens on Carolina. She’s been able to save money and her stress levels have significantly decreased. The staff is friendly, she is still able to live independently, and living there is like having one big family; lots of activities are available to the residents and it increases feeling of security.

She regularly recommends Gardens on Carolina to other people. Her three main reasons for recommendations are the reasonable pricing, the peace of mind that living there brings, and the solidarity that isn’t taken away.