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Jordan, a homeless veteran, found housing and employment for his family.

Through the Supportive Services for Veteran Families program in Indianapolis, Jordan and his two young daughters were able to escape from homelessness.

Jordan served in the Navy for four years, with a tour in Iraq in 2008 and 2009 and is a single father of two children ages 2 and 3. Unfortunately, when he lost his employment and struggled to find another job, he and his family faced a possible eviction. He searched for help and upon recommendation from the VA, Jordan went to our Supportive Services for Veteran Families program in Indianapolis. After consulting with the staff as part of the program, he worked with the Lawrence Township Trustee to secure the next month's rent and SSVF collaborated with other resources to prevent Jordan and his children from getting evicted. It worked, and they did not get kicked out of their home.

Jordan was looking for employment himself without the help of SSVF and had several interviews but could not land a job. He felt like he wasn't making a very good impression on anyone because he didn't have appropriate interview clothing to wear. So SSVF was able to get a tailor-made suit for him. With this new asset for his interviews, Jordan got a job at a glass manufacturing company with good pay and benefits. He really likes seeing the glass he made in the buildings in Indianapolis.

Even though Jordan is in a much more stable position than he was earlier this year, he is still involved with SSVF. His old case manager, Shaquana, still checks in on him on about a monthly basis to make sure he's not at risk of becoming homeless again. He is very grateful that he didn't give up and that he is now in a much stabler position than he was even six months ago.

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AN: Would you recommend the SSVF program to other people?

J: "Oh, certainly. It basically helped us out a lot because it's such a great deal, you know, they kept their word, helped us out in such a timely fashion while we were at risk of losing everything. Even when they weren't able to do everything they connected us to other resources. I have been in so many other places requesting for help, man, people just treated me so bad sometimes, even though I was walking around with two kids. It's not easy asking people for help. SSVF treated me like a human being and I really appreciated that"

AN: Where do you see yourself in one year?

J: "Right now I'm trying to pursue home ownership. You know, I'm trying to build up credit and get settled into an actual house. I've been looking around and I've noticed that a lot of good places have similar rent to what I'm paying at my apartment right now. So I'm looking forward to getting an actual house."

AN: What advice do you have for other people who may be in a similar position that you were in?

J: "Just don't give up. Keep looking. Whatever motivates you keep it in your head. I really wanted to give up with two kids by himself because things were really hard and sometimes moving on seemed pointless, but I was just trying really hard to make sure that we didn't end up homeless. Just keep focused and stay motivated."