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Qourtney progressed with the help of reentry services at Theodora House

While living at Theodora House, Volunteers of America Indiana's work-release facility for women, Qourtney could change her frame of mind and find success.

When Qourtney Bush was at Theodora House (Volunteers of America of Indiana's work-release facility for women) from August 2006 to May 2007, the thought that she could have the life she currently has never crossed her mind. However, her experience at Theodora House helped her develop self-awareness; and in turn with other life events she gained the good life she has now.

Bush learned two main lessons during the time she spent with Volunteers of America staff and the other residents. First, she realized that she isn't the only ex-offender out there and "having your own pity party is pointless." Second, she realized that nobody owes her anything and that it's up to her to accomplish things.

"Volunteers of America of Indiana helped me change my perspective. I didn't make any progress until I thought things into existence and affirmed things into reality. Getting out of my hard situation wasn't a cake walk, but I arrived at it daily."

After leaving Theodora House in 2007 and overcoming many other obstacles (including a kidney transplant) she became a certified pharmacy tech in December, 2014. While Qourtney gains more experience and certifications to add to her resume, she does medical billing. She is also looking forward to starting the expungement process so she can be even more employable.

Bush has many passions including workforce development, reentry services, organ donations and transplants, and motivational speaking. She is currently involved with fundraising walks for organ transplants. She would like to start her own non-profit one day to provide more opportunities for men and women coming out prison - to help them overcome barriers resulting from their felony.

"I greatly appreciate the work that Volunteers of America of Indiana did for me." Bush said. "I volunteer with them and also with my church." Bush is truly paying it forward, from discussing issues and giving positive advice to current Theodora House residents to her also involvement in the Second Chance Mentoring Program.

"I am passionate about sharing my story to help other women at Theodora House know what is possible."