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Reentry and family services helped Robert reunite with his family and find a job

Robert was incarcerated without hope of seeing his family again or finding a job. But with the help of reentry and family services at Volunteers of America Indiana, he achieved what he thought was impossible.

When Robert finished his eight year sentence for drug solicitation and conspiracy things were not looking up for him. He was a 34 year old father of six children, he had a history of incarceration from the age of sixteen, and even though he had a GED he lacked job experience. Robert was in need of a job with some very high walls to climb. And although his situation looked dismal he looked for help and found it in the Pulliam program, both for his employment situation and for his family.

First of all, a clinician assigned to the Pulliam program connected with Robert and helped him become involved with the Inside-Outside Dad component. This component helped Robert reunite with his children, and it worked. Robert completed the program, found four of his six children again, and pays child support to each family unit.

He was also referred to the Pulliam program by a local re-entry provider. In this program Robert was able to connect with an employment specialist where he learned many valuable skills. He spent over 22 hours per week for three weeks in the computer lab and learned basic keyboarding, how to prepare for a job, and how to effectively build a resume. After all of his hard work Robert victoriously obtained employment at CTS (Commercial Trade Services) and earned $11.95 an hour as a general laborer.