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Roberta, a homeless veteran in Evansville, achieved stability for her family.

In southern Indiana, the Supportive Services for Veteran Families (SSVF) program helped Roberta and her three children find a home.


Roberta served as a member of the Air Force in active duty for seven years in Iraq. She is now a single mom with an eleven year old son, a six year old son, and a four year old daughter. And two years ago she was homeless.

It started when she started getting behind on bills. She was going to college and was working but it was all too much and so she lost her home. Thanks to family and friends, for ten months she was able to live with other people but she could never catch up and keep a stable income since they needed help with their bills as well. For two months she had to take her family to a homeless shelter and that's when Roberta decided it was time to ask for help. In her interview she stated, “It was hard because you don't want to ask for help being a veteran." But setting aside her independent attitude she went to the Armory in Evansville and they referred her to VOA.

Through the Supportive Services for Veteran Families (SSVF) program VOA got her back on her feet. They gave her phone numbers, resources, money for a security deposit for an apartment, a new bed for her apartment, and even Christmas presents for her kids. It was enough to get her off of her “hamster wheel" and she now has a stable life with a full time job and a recent raise. In Roberta's own words, “VOA gave me faith and hope in life again."