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Volunteer Opportunities for Groups

We have group volunteer opportunities available in Evansville, Fort Wayne, Gary, Terre Haute and Indianapolis.

The types of projects you can do depends on the size of your group and if you are able to donate supplies or funds for supplies for the project. We do have a small budget for volunteering projects, so you don't always have to bring supplies. We are open to other ideas that aren't listed here as well!

Contact us about volunteering

Current Opportunities

Throw a party/event for our clients

We love having special events for our clients—baby showers, birthday parties for children, game nights, spa nights, or holiday parties for our clients to celebrate throughout the year.

Group activity or dinner

Seeing that community members care means a lot to our clients. Groups can come do crafts together, play games or host a movie night. You could also bring and serve a special meal for one of our programs.

Organize a service project

Paint a facility, build a fence or do any other needed projects. Do some spring cleaning (painting, yard-work, repairs, etc.) at one or more of our programs during any time of the year.

Organize or support a donation drive

We have annual donation drives such as Operation Backpack in the summer for school supplies for our clients' children, and a Christmas Gift donation drive in the winter, but also have periodic donation drives for clients' baby showers, or other client needs. Contact Kirsten for specific needs for our programs' clients.

Organize a fundraiser

  • Facebook fundraising—have friends give to your Facebook fundraiser to celebrate your birthday, anniversary, or marathon race
  • Host an event at your home! We'd love to partner for creative ways we can fundraise together.
  • Host a garage sale, car wash, bake sale, benefit concert, etc.

If you're interested in hosting bible studies or Sunday services for our clients, contact Chaplain Kimberly Barlow at or (317) 224-2613.

Contact our Community Engagement Coordinator, Kirsten Bush, with other questions or ideas
Phone: 317.686.5807
Fax: 317.686.5807